Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Headed for the Hills!

Tomorrow I leave with my kids to head back to Tennessee! I am excited to visit with friends and family, but this is a bit of a working trip too.
You guys are going to get to see a new side of me, one is the model, lol. I am teaming up with another photographer friend of mine to shoot some Trash the Dress pictures... Of Me!! It is my reward for being able to fit in my wedding dress again :0)
Also, we are going to be shooting some collaborative shoots while there as well. It will be good to put our creative heads together and see what comes of it. I know I am excited!
I will try to blog more while I am there and maybe even get some on location pics while we're shooting.
In the mean time, head over to and check out the fan page for info on how you could win $50 toward a BPP session or print collection, and stop by SMH Photography and check out her work as well!!

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