Friday, August 6, 2010

Tennessee Pt 1

We are having a blast so far! Our flight went well. Jackson Cole did much better than expected to have been his first plane ride. I can only hope it goes as smoothly on our return.
Today we visited with my grandmother and seen my very best friend since 2nd grade, Ashley, and her husband Ben. Tomorrow Kennedy is having a sleepover with their daughter Kaydin. It should be fun for them!
Ooohh! I got a bunch of awesome prop costumes for pictures today! They are some super cute little tutus and acces. Adorable! I can't wait to get them in some pics!!
I walked the grounds of my dad's place and his neighbors land, I have uncovered some awesome locations to shoot while here! You better believe I'll be putting them to use! Not to mention my dad has this unbelievably cool orange wingback chair and ottoman that I CAN NOT WAIT to see in process!! So much stuff, I'm on creative overload!
Alright, that was just day 1! I'm off to bed, we'll see what else I have after tomorrow!

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