Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Starting Anew - Bonita Springs FL Photographer

I have officially sent my request to my webhost to go live with the new website!  I am so excited! Santa really came through this year.  The new site has a cleaner appearance, one that you will see reflected here shortly. There are so many things that truly are helping to streamline your online experience with BPP.
  Here is a list of a few:
  • Full Screen Mode!!  - thats right, let your beautiful portraits fully invade your screen!
  • New Shopping Cart! -  Now as you look at your images you will be able to access a drop down menu for ordering. No more clicking to favs and then opening the cart. Its all right there ready to go! 
  • New Testimony Section! -  If you have had a BPP experience, we want to hear!  You can now do this as simple as leaving a comment! Just hit the Reviews tab and share your story as well as read others.
  • New featured gallery! - Why is it featured? Because these are the images that make my heart swoon. All in one place, so even if you like going to the different galleries, if you don't have time, just stop by here and get a quick peek! 
  • WE HAVE A MOBILE PLATFORM! - now you can take a look at BPP from anywhere, anytime!  The site now has a fully accessible, mobile platform that can be viewed from any smartphone!  Viewing from an Apple device?? Bookmark us, we have our own snazzy custom desktop for the iDevices you rock! 
  • Proofing Galleries- proofing galleries now support multiple galleries per client. So if you have a Baby Plan you and family can always look through any of the images you have recently had done.  Those of you with Engagement and Wedding galleries can see all the images, and share with your friends while they are active for ordering. 
  • Better Contact Interface - a more streamlined process from the moment you hit send until I receive your message and get a reply back to you. Better communication is always a plus!  
So as you can see, new things, new changes. A new cleaner more modern look to the Brooke Price Photography brand as well. Overall, I think that you as the client will be greatly pleased with the efforts made here by the BPP family.  Clean, Simple, Efficient, & Fun are all things I want you to think of when visiting our new site!


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