Wednesday, December 15, 2010

BPP has a Christmas Wishlist {SWFL, Naples, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs Photographer, Natural Light, On Location, Lifestyle Photographer}

Dear Santa,

 As to not be forgotten, BPP has a Christmas Wishlist!!!!  Maybe just maybe Santa, you'll be so kind as to help us out with our business wishes this year.  Its not much, really.  Just a few little things we hold oh so dear.

 1.  A Rosie, Project One or Brooklyn website w/ Iphone Add-on  -  Dear Santa you know, its not fair that our portraits display so small!  This would fix it my Jolly friend! Fix it once and for all!!!!

2.  Easy As Pie - Oh Santa dear, you know its true,  we've been pulling our hair out and feeling quite blue. This little ditty would make it right as rain.  And I believe dear Santa, would ease a lot of strain!

3. The Workshop Workbook -  Santa Baby, you've heard us all year, talk about the amazing work we've seen here!  Skye is an inspiration, a guru dare say, in all things child photography and we'd love to pick her brain!  This my dear, is the easiest and best way!!!!!!

4. Newborn Workshop -  Who doesn't love squishy faces, tiny fingers and toes??? I know we do and we want to capture them even better!  So help Santa in this quest, help to make Newborn Photography one of our Best!!!!

  Brooke Price Photography

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