Thursday, June 3, 2010

YOU Are More

I wanted to share with everyone something that God has placed on my heart. He will not let me rest until I share, nor shall I rest until this message is heard. This is only one place it will be posted, only one outlet that will be used.

For months now, I have been carrying this feeling of "More", not physical, not material, but a " I just can't put my finger on it, but I KNOW, there is MORE". I have spent my days "aloof" because my Spirit was elsewhere, and many a night sleepless because my Spirit was being called.I have been tempermental, moody, down right grouchy sometimes as I have fought with this feeling, of this insatiable something that I didn't have knowledge of . I was in the Word, reading, seeking, praying, asking God to show me what would quench this feeling. I kept being led to scriptures speaking of the Giftings of God, of Brokeness, and of how a Mess could be turned into the Greatest of Messages...

But God, I still feel this "More" show me where it comes from. God gave me a dream, and in it, I saw people, they looked like me, like you, like the kid down the street that you're not too sure about, like the sad cashier at the drug store that you didn't give a second glance because you didn't have time. They were young, they were old, they were rich, they were poor. Some were clean, some were dirty. Some were cold, some were hungry. Some were fat, some were happy, some looked like all the world was their oyster. And they ALL were wearing those "My Name Is.." labels on their clothing with different words on them. In the dream, I was approached by a young man, he was dressed in black, he had tattoos and more piercings than I could count, his label said "Freak" - he helped me carry a package I was struggling with, I peeled his label off and another under it read "Alone" - so I talked with him, that label was removed, the next read "Genuine", then there was "Sincere", "Talented", "Honor Student", but the ones that got me the most were the last Two, "Hungry" & "Lost"

I woke up.

I cried, I prayed, I thought I was going crazy. Who gets stuff like this? You might think I'm crazy now, and you know, that's ok. God talks to me different than other people. He knows I respond to different things, and I'm ok with You thinking I'm crazy, because I know God has something up his sleeve for Me.

I prayed and I read some books trying to get insight into what I had saw, and for days I felt like I was never going to be answered, and then it happend. Just like the dream I had, as I prayed God let me in on a little more.

The young man was back, he looked happier than I had saw him before, he seemed much more sure of himself, he didn't have any of those silly labels on him, he was doing so much for others and then other people came around, and as they started to judge him by his clothing, by the tattoos, by the piercings, by their own fears of what was different from them, the labels started to come back, and this light that was in him started to grown dim, and I couldn't see the young man that had been there, but I could see a box that had been built around him.

My heart felt like it had broken into a thousand little pieces, my soul cried out for God to do something. And then God let me see, the box, the labels, they were all put in place because the young man wanted so desperately to fit in with the other people, that he placed some of the labels himself, he helped to build the box because it made him like everyone. It gave him a place to fit.

We were not designed appointed, or called to be "like everyone else". If God wanted his people to be uniform he would have made us like Cookie cutters, and we all would look and act and thing exactly the same. WE ARE SO MUCH MORE!! We have different talents, different gifts, each one as important as the others. Each one so full of annointing that when we catch hold of God its going to bubble up and explode like Mentos in a Dr. Pepper.

But, We have the ability to suffocate and lock away those special gifts and talents when we place labels on ourselves. The Bible tells us that we hold the Power of Life and Death in the Tongue. God said it, we have the power to speak Life or Death. You can speak Blessings upon your life and that of others, and you also can speak Ill and Harm. You reap what you sow. If you plant "good things" you will get "good things" and the same for harmful.

I understand that when you are a Teen/Young Adult you desire to fit in. We have all been there. I have been there. Sometimes I am still there. But God has finally opened my eyes to see that - I (WE) WAS NOT MADE TO BELONG TO THIS WORLD. - I can be a part of it without being in it. You will make some silly and down right Dumb decisions trying to fit in, in this world. You will find yourself in a heap of crap. But, God will take you, as messed up as you can get in it, and He Will Do a complete 180 with all that junk.

God can and He will make a Message out of Your Mess. Because You Are More! You are more than the labels you put on yourself. You are More than the labels other people give you, and you are SO MUCH MORE than what this World can make you. If you just call His Name, Make Him First, Let Him Show You What He Has Made You For!!

Remember the saying, "Show Me What Your Made Of?" Let God show you what you are REALLY made of.

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