Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I have been busy!

This month I have had 4 shoots that I have done. So, I have been busy!  I did some pictures of my own Dad and Step Mom with my kids.
 Also, I shot photos for a sweet lady of her grandchildren while everyone was on vacation together.
I also had a super fun Senior shoot with yet another vacationer!  You have to come check out our SWFL beaches! We have no oil and they are beautiful!
 Oh! And I got to do a creative shoot! This one was a blast!  Styling started at 6am and we ended up shooting from 10am - 2pm so it was a long day but worth every minute!
 So, as you can see. I have been busy, but it has been awesome and so much fun!  I absolutely LOVE this, it isn't even a job or work to me, this is my heart, my passion, my joy...  I feel so Blessed by God, and I thank you all who support me!

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