Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Nikon Country

So the awesomeness that is my Husband let me *cough* borrow the Best Buy Card...
Technically, he was just "investing" into the business! Right??  Regardless,  I have replaced the Stolen Camera! Yay!!


I am ever so grateful to my wonderful brother in law who allowed me to use his camera and lenses until this replacement was possible!

My other one was a Canon, my brother in laws is a Canon, and now I have a Nikon.  I love it, but it is like going from a Blackberry to a Palm - A whole new set of functions to get the bells and whistles going!

So I've been reading, and playing, and reading, and playing some more...  here are a couple of shots I got of the wee man today

Like I said, I LOVE IT! 

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