Sunday, February 28, 2010

Its official!!!

Happy Birthday to ME!  For my gift to myself, with the helpful donations* gifts from family
I have happily purchased the new website I wanted so much!  It is beautiful and I can not wait for you all to be able to see it and use it!

This blog will still be intact, but used as just that, a blog.  It will be an opportunity for you all to feel a more personal relationship with me as I continue.  :-)  It also serves as a great way for you to be able to contact me through the comments here.

I of course have purchased this new site, and domain, on the weekend so it will be a while before it becomes available. This means that the web address used to reach me will change.  But, this is a GOOD thing.  The new domain I have purchased is hosted through, and it is
Its shorter and easier, but will still get you to the same great quality photos you expect.

The site is fun, and light and very interactive.

Also, and this is ONE of my FAVORITE features:  YOU, yes YOU the client will be able to order your pictures from the site!  So no more having to deal with me after the photo session... well unless you just want to :-) .

I am really excited about this new site, and I hope you all will still continue to stop by the blog and see how things are going, and also I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  I am so looking forward to it!

A few changes are going to be made to the Facebook account for Brooke Price Photography as well,  it is going to be used more as a marketing, advertising tool, and a lot of the pictures that are there now are going to be coming down.  You will still get to see 1 or 2 of the newer sessions, but Facebook is really just going to be a marketing avenue.  Also, don't forget to follow on Twitter! BrookeP_Photos  :-)

OK, that's it for now guys!  Be blessed and have a wonderful day!

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