Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Are you an aspiring model? actor? Do you need to build your portfolio? Or maybe, you just think it would be fun to occasionally model.  
Occasionally, Brooke Price Photography holds test shoots.  These are fun and relaxed shoots that provide the photographer with an opportunity to try new ideas before a scheduled shoot. Sometimes, these are "portfolio" shoots, and are in place to both let the photographer practice the craft, build skill, and also fill the portfolio. 
These shoots are very important.  They may be themed for an upcoming promotion, used in marketing materials, or posted on the website.
If you would be interested in modeling with Brooke Price Photography for any of these shoots, please send your contact information as well as 1 headshot photo ( shoulders up), and 1 full body photo,of yourself  or any family members you are registering along with age and height, to: 

Please make sure the photos are recent, they do not have to be professionally done, but should be in good clear quality. 
All ages are welcome to register.  

There is NO MONETARY COMPENSATION for these shoots, however, you will be Gifted free Digital Copies of the Edited Best Photos ( up to 5) from your shoot.  Upon request, an online viewing Gallery will be created for you and family if you would like to purchase prints from the shoot. 

You will be contacted when an upcoming test shoot is being scheduled to see if you are available to participate and to give you additional information!  

Thank you All!