Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Illness, Ideas, and a New Set Up

 The crud has stuck my home!  Or, at best, it has got me.  Fever, Body aches, Congestion... ugh.  I'm having a time of it, but hey! The show must go on! There is no understudy for the role of Mommy.  Luckily I am blessed enough to have family near by that can help.

I'm really excited that it is Spring.  I'm working on some promotional ideas.. tossing things around so if anyone has any ideas let me know!  Its Spring, I always think of new life and love in Spring.. so I'm thinking of a couples promotion I can put together.
Also, we're nearing the time for Graduation Ceremonies!  How exciting! New Beginnings!  That's another of those ideas I'm kicking around, a grad package...  again I'm ope to suggestions and ideas.  You are my audience, my clients, I want to supply you with what you want - to the best of my ability.  So leave a comment let me know!

And more exciting that all of that ----  My new lens came today!!  Friends and Family BEWARE! LOL If you thought I had a camera in your face before, just wait!  50mm 1.8  -  Loving it!  The DOF (for those who don't speak abbr. Cameraese Depth Of Field) is AWESOME!  I can not wait to feel better and get some great shots with this!  I was like a kid at Christmas when the postman came to the door.  

Alright, thats it for now!

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